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Active Wellness For Employees

Better Employee Health, Better Productivity & Bottomline

How Fitspot Works
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Our fitness services are specifically tailored to the needs of your team.


Fitspot coaches help track personal health and fitness metrics.


Fitspot works with your HR team to optimize toward your business metrics.

Why Wellness Matters

Increase Health

Increase Health

Regular exercise improves workforce health by reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other debilitating illnesses.

Boost Team Morale

Boost Team Morale

Whether it’s Workout Wednesdays or Move-It Mondays, your employees will look forward to coming into the office for a fun team-building workout.

Attract Talent

Attract Talent

Get a leg up in the battle for top-notch talent by providing your employees with a variety of
exercise options at work.

Reduce Absenteeism

Reduce Absenteeism

Reduce sick days and increase revenue by keeping your workforce healthy, happy & fit.

Subscriptions Start at $5 Per Month Per Employee.

We can conduct Health Risk Assessments / Biometric Screenings to tailor a customized active wellness plan. Call to learn about our technology portal, challenges, and other services.

Health Risk Assessments

Customized Pricing Available

Customized Pricing Based on Volume

Team Workouts

Customized Pricing Available

6, 12, or 24-month subscriptions

Expert, Certified Trainers

Our diverse trainers are all certified & handpicked by the Fitspot team


Grace Yoga Expert


Jacqueline Meditation/Stretching


Janelle Pilates Expert


Marc Boxing / MMA Expert


A.J Personal Trainer


Becca Circuit Trainer

How Fitspot Works

Frequently Asked Questions

What is active wellness?

FItspot has coined the term active wellness to differentiate from corporate wellness. Most corporate wellness offer tracking and assessments only, whereas Fitspot adds coaching, on-site fitness training, educational workshops and more to affect engagement, culture, and health insurance costs.

What services does Fitspot offer?

Fitspot provides instructor-led team workouts in yoga, boxing, kickboxing, circuit training, bootcamp, group running, meditation, stretching, massage, and zumba. we also provide fitness challenges, health risk assessments, biometric screenings, lunch & learns, coaching, and more!

How do you determine a fitness plan for my company?

We typically do a health risk assessment or biometric screening before creating a customized fitness plan for your employees. Employees then provide us with date/time preferences, location preferences, trainer-style preferences, and activity preferences for team workouts. To optimize for engagement, Machine-learning algorithms help us adapt to your needs over time.

What are team workouts?

Team workouts span a variety of genres (e.g. yoga, running, circuit training, meditation) and are typically in-office or at a very nearby location. We physically bring trainers on our client's premises.

Is equipment included in team workouts?

Yes. Equipment can vary based on the activity (e.g. yoga mats or boxing gloves). We partner with services that will deliver the equipment to your location.

Don’t see the answer to your questions? More FAQs

Company Teams Fitspot Fitspot


“This year, with the help and support of the Fitspot team the fitness challenge participants have lost a total of over 600 lbs. We could not have completed this year mission without the phenomenal partnership of the Fitspot team.”

— Nathalie Charlot, HR Business Analyst

WME Wellness

“Fitspot has been a pleasure to work with and greatly enhances the fitness portion of the WME Wellness program… I’d highly recommend them to any company!”

— Nikki Seidlin, Wellness Director


“My employees love the workouts and I have noticed a significant increase in their productivity and focus since we started our Monday & Wednesday afternoon bootcamps.”

— Joshua Viner, CEO


“Fitspot has provided employees at Tinder with a fun and convenient way to work out. By offering group training that’s geared towards our team’s schedule and fitness level, Fitspot meets all of my employees needs and expectations.”

— Lacey Hulsey, Operations Manager