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Active Wellness

Diagnosis and The Cure


Corporate wellness means many things to many different companies. Some companies offer flu shots and biometric screenings, some subsidize gym memberships, some provide websites for you to track your goals and activity.

It’s a great start. But in the perspective of today’s modern workplace, that is providing a diagnosis without a cure.

All over the world, sedentary employees are struggling with preventable health problems, injuries, back pain and stress-related illnesses manifesting both mentally and physically. Sure, Fitspot does health screenings and flu shots, but we don’t stop there. We provide the diagnosis and the cure by implementing on-site programming to improve those results.

The Cure?

From lowering blood pressure to building the core strength that prevents back problems, Active Wellness keeps workers healthier and lowers risk of injury through awareness and action. As you’re making a real impact on the health of your workers, you’ll be reaping the ROI by building a stronger, healthy corporate culture as employees collaborate to share fun new challenges and achieve their goals together.

Fitspot works with your health insurance company to access Wellness Dollars that can subsidize an Active Wellness program. Then, track your ROI through health care premium savings, reduced employee BMI and increased productivity.  

But you won’t need to see the numbers to know you’re making a difference. Simply watch attitudes improve, increased energy levels, boosted morale and a workplace that just seems happier. At the end of the day, it’s how your employees feel at work that matters most to your bottom line.

Choose Fitspot For Active Wellness

Fitspot is the pioneer of Active Wellness. We’re trusted by incredible partners to provide a total wellness solution based on the 5 Pillars of Active Wellness: health screenings, onsite fitness classes, educational workshops, stress relief and technology.

Not only is the Fitspot approach comprehensive, we do everything possible to make your plan perfect for you:

  • Our FitExperts are the best in the business and vetted in a 5-step process.

  • We provide top notch customer service for every aspect of your program.

  • On-site events and programming happens right in your workplace. If you don’t have room, we can rent space nearby in gyms, fitness studios and more.

  • We do everything. Really. Fitspot becomes your hands-on external wellness coordinator so that all you have to do is show up.

  • With wellness dollars and customizable programs, an Active Wellness program can be built specifically for your budget.

What is Active Wellness?

Active Wellness uses employee feedback and real health data from screenings to create a program using fitness classes, educational workshops, technology and stress relief. Don’t settle for a corporate wellness day with a vendor that’s gone tomorrow. Get a long-term solution that makes a real difference by offering on-site events and experts every day.


Health Screenings

Health screenings are the perfect way to kick off your Active Wellness plan. Real health experts come onsite to assess your team for health risks and give you a better understanding of your company’s well-being. For employees, the expert guidance provided with their results provides the motivation to start making healthy lifestyle choices.


Onsite Fitness Classes

FitExperts lead team fitness classes, right in your workplace. We’ll survey your employees to learn more about their preferences, injury or illness considerations and what they’re most interested in. Then we’ll help you to choose from fun classes in more than 10 disciplines.


Educational Workshops

Fitspot helps you to empower your team’s healthy lifestyles by bringing experts into the workplace to teach, explore and answer questions. Choose from dozens of expertly-taught topics including: nutrition, stretching, digestive health, cooking demonstrations, fad diets, goal setting, sleep management, financial wellness, saving for retirements, muscle toning and so much more.


Stress Relief

Work-related stress causes and complicates dozens of physical and mental illnesses. It’s harmful for teams, productivity and morale. Take stress out of your company culture by bringing the solution right into the office. Classes for basic meditation, chair massage sessions and educational workshops get to the root of employee stressors.



Don’t just set goals, drive them. Fitspot’s technology portal optimizes every part of your wellness program using data and wearable technology. Simply log on to view key stats, see participation, check event schedules, RSVP to classes, create challenges, record your personal progress and more.

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