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Partnering together to increase your clients’ engagement in wellness

At Fitspot, we understand the changing landscape of the health insurance industry. When you partner with us, your clients’ bottom line won't be the only thing improving. Our fresh approach to corporate wellness will help you maintain and grow your book of business.

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Advantages of Becoming a Fitspot Broker Partner

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Interactive, In-Person Experiences

Fitspot brings more than just HRAs to the table. We make workplace wellness come to life with customized, on-site workshops and workouts that engage employees and produce tangible results.

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Virtual Health Tools

Fitspot’s technology services allow your clients to access a variety of wellness partners, including a meal planning platform, mindfulness training, online workout videos, and much more.

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A Competitive Advantage

When you provide resources and information that improve the overall well-being of your clients’ employees, you set yourself apart as an innovative healthcare consultant.

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Improved Teamwork and Collaboration

When your clients implement Fitspot’s custom challenges and group workshops, they’ll witness improvements in team communication, morale, and productivity—in addition to better health.

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Reduced Health Insurance Claims

According to a Gallup poll, employees who have high levels of well-being have 62% lower healthcare costs. Fitspot’s programs also help prevent injuries, back pain, and other illnesses that can result from the modern workplace, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

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Tailored Wellness Programs

Fitspot adjusts our programming to account for a company’s claims. Whether your client’s claims are related to certain illnesses, injuries, or mental health issues, we can help reduce those claims by providing employees with targeted health programs.


Working with Fitspot has been great!

They’ve not only done a fantastic job of organizing and scheduling everything, but they’ve also made a big impact in the health of my client’s employees and the company culture.

— Ivette Robinson, Area Vice President, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
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What is Active Wellness?

Explore the five pillars of Fitspot’s unique approach to wellness in the workplace, and how it ensures engagement and results.


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Fitspot has helped workers all over the country lose weight, gain energy, and more. Check out our programs in action.

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