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The Basics: Wellness Dollars

Published November 17, 2017

High co-pays, skyrocketing deductibles, and unpredictable medical bills can scare you away from going to the doctor. Meanwhile, premiums are...

What Are Wellness Dollars: And How Do They Work?

Published November 16, 2017

What are Wellness Dollars? Funds that insurance carriers offer to reimburse investment in your team's health programs! Below we've outlined how...

The Halloween Candy Crush Challenge

Published October 31, 2017

With any luck, this October will be filled with ghouls, goblins, and at least a few varieties of ghosts. But the real horrors won’t be wearing...

It’s Time to Subtract Added Sugars

Published October 26, 2017

If you’ve made the decision to start living healthier, reducing your sugar intake is a great place to start. Sugar is responsible for all sorts of...

10 Ways to Beat the Sweets

Published October 24, 2017


We all know that consuming too much sugar is detrimental to our health. But when we’re confronted with a sweet treat, we often just can’t help...

Stop Blaming The Turkey

Published October 23, 2017

Let’s face it-- everyone has said it after an enormous Thanksgiving dinner, when you’re on the couch with your eyes barely open and your yawns are...

4 Easy Ways to Be More Mindful Today

Published September 29, 2017

September is National Yoga Month, which means many of us will be striving to embody the Yoga lifestyle.

The Science and Practice of Healthy Breathing

Published September 27, 2017

“Breath is life!...Breathing may be considered the most important of all of the functions of the body, for, indeed, all of the other functions...

Fall Back Into a Fitness Routine With These Tips

Published September 2, 2017

Use the transition of seasons to help get you back on track with your fitness routine!

The Pros and Cons of Company Wellness Buy-in Incentives

Published August 14, 2017

As more and more organizations decide to invest in a company-wide wellness plan, the pressure to find increasingly interesting incentives becomes...

7 Clever Incentives for Employee Wellness Success

Published August 7, 2017

In order for your employee wellness program to succeed, you need active participants. You’ve heard the old saying, “It’s better to catch flies...

Leadership Buy-in Crucial For Company Wellness Success

Published July 31, 2017

While it’s important for the highers-up to accept the idea of a wellness program for your organization, acceptance isn’t enough. You need a...

Employee Health: Getting Overwhelming Buy-in For Wellness Programs

Published July 24, 2017

You’ve decided to incorporate a company-wide wellness program, and you can’t wait to start. You’re ready to join your employees in getting...

How Wellness Programs can Save Your Company Money

Published July 12, 2017

Wellness programs offer many benefits to companies that implement them. From stress management to improved overall health, employees who...

How Employee Health Improves the Bottom Line

Published July 5, 2017

It’s no secret that wellness programs dramatically improve the health of employees, but did you know they can also greatly enhance your bottom...

Top Corporate Wellness Trends in 2017

Published June 28, 2017

While “corporate wellness” seems to be a popular buzzword nowadays, this trend in business health isn’t going anywhere soon. In fact, as we head...

Why Your Corporate Wellness Program Isn't Working

Published June 21, 2017

Just because you have a wellness program doesn’t mean it’s going to work. This is a harsh truth that many companies just don’t want to hear. After...

What is Biometric Screening and Why Your Employees Need One?

Published June 13, 2017

74% of companies rely on biometric screening to help their employees get the most out of their wellness programs. Is your company part of the 26%...

Three Simple Ways to Get Employees Excited About Wellness Programs

Published June 12, 2017

Most of you probably know that wellness programs are advantageous to companies. However, the biggest hurdles in implementing them are often the...

5 Big Companies that See the Big Benefits of Meditation

Published June 12, 2017

Let's be real. Work can be stressful, and today’s employees are taking on more responsibilities than ever before. While we all know stress can’t...

Insurance Benefits of Wellness Plans

Published June 12, 2017

There are many outstanding benefits of wellness programs, like reduced stress and improved productivity, but one of the most important benefits is...

Find a Corporate Wellness Program that Works

Published June 12, 2017

When it comes to constructing a corporate wellness program, there is a ton of information and different strategies to consider. Unfortunately, a...

Stretch Your Way to Corporate Wellness

Published May 8, 2017

We’re told time and time again how crucial it is to get and stay active throughout the week. This advice is especially important for employees who...

How Yoga Can Benefit Your Business

Published April 24, 2017

In the last few decades, yoga has revolutionized the fitness world. It has many known benefits for the average practitioner, but did you know it...

Top 4 Advantages of a Corporate Wellness Program

Published April 4, 2017

There’s no question that society has benefitted immensely from the advancement of technology. Inventions like the personal computer, the internet,...

5 Ways to Exercise with Your Dog

Published March 23, 2017

You’re walking to the door, gym bag in-hand. Ready to crush leg day. Before your hand touches the doorknob, you can feel it. You’re being watched....

Personal Trainer Spotlight: Sammy Courtright

Published March 15, 2017

Did you know that women own 36% of all U.S. businesses? According to the 2015 Kaufman Index: Startup Activity, women are more adept than their...

3 Healthy Pie Recipes

Published March 14, 2017

Happy Pi day! Today is a day to celebrate the mathematical constant Pi (?) and eat lots of pie.  Since we're not mathematicians, we're choosing to...

Personal Trainer Spotlight: Camilla Elaine

Published March 8, 2017

People around the world are celebrating International Women’s Day today. If, like me, you live in a household where women outnumber men, perhaps...

4 Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes

Published March 7, 2017

You walk into the office one morning and your co-worker is leisurely sipping on a glass of something... thick and green. As your raise an eyebrow,...

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