New E-Book: Shape Your Space for Success

Are you a property owner or manager that wants to offer wellness amenities, but you’re worried you don’t have space or don’t know where to start? Not to worry! Fitspot’s latest e-book shares how you can create ...


The Busy Body Property Manager

As a property manager, you probably are juggling multiple tasks. From property maintenance to rent collector, accountant to market analyst, it can be exhausting to manage everything yourself. High on your list of priorities is finding ...

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Webinar Recap: Wellness for Busy Leaders

7 Tips for Busy Leaders Missed our latest webinar? Watch it here! In this exclusive webinar, Jon Cohn, Co-Founder and CEO at Fitspot, and Jim Cavale, Founder & CEO at Influencer (INFLCR), will discuss the importance of wellness for ...

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Being an Outsider at Work

For most of human history, we spent our days outdoors. We hunted, gathered, scavenged and farmed in the open air. But around 300 years ago, we started spending our days working inside, specifically in factories. Despite major changes ...


Introducing Financial Wellness at Fitspot

Wellness in the workplace takes many forms—physical, mental, emotional and now, financial. Fitspot is proud to announce a new approach to financial wellness through our partners at Enrich, the market leader for online financial ...

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Want to Boost Office Morale? Here’s How Office Amenities Could Help

For many of us, the office is our home away from home. Not only do we carry out our daily tasks here, but we eat our meals, form friendships, and socialize in workplace. We spend the majority of our waking hours in the office, making ...

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The Biggest Reasons Why Asset Managers Should Care About Wellness as an Amenity

The health and wellness industry is booming, and individuals aren’t the only ones taking notice. These days, businesses across industries, from health insurance to real estate, are pouring resources into this thriving trend in hopes of ...


Work Well, Live Well: 5 Ways to Make the Workplace Healthier & Happier

The office, for many people, is like a home away from home. On average, we spend most of our waking hours at work, with about four in 10 workers logging over 50 hours a week. With so much time spent in the workplace, it’s ...

Giving Yourself Permission To Make Changes At Work

You’re unhappy at work and know exactly why: your desk faces a blank wall, you barely interact with your coworkers, you don’t take a lunch break, and your hours kind of suck. Jon Cohn

The #1 Way to Avoid (or Resolve) Conflict at Work

This guest post is written by Kali Rogers, a mental health counselor founder of Blush, an online life coaching service for women. Conflict at work is unavoidable. It’s perfectly normal for miscommunications and ...


4 Reasons to Take More Breaks During the Day

This guest post is written by Rachel Sanders, CEO and co-founder of Patch, a company that provides mobile physical therapy services. Jon Cohn


Ask a Therapist: How to Deal With Disagreements at Work

Every office has its particular personalities, touchy subjects, and stressful times. In fact, in any work environment, some level of conflict is perfectly normal—even healthy. Jon Cohn