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Why Fitspot?

Keep Calm and Get Started

Starting an Active Wellness plan is a big deal. And there’s a lot you’re probably unsure about. So here are the basics: Fitspot saves on health insurance and increases your bottom line by making employees healthier and happier with health screenings, fitness classes and educational workshops at work.

First Timer

Been Around the Corporate Wellness Block

First Time?

Maybe this is your company’s first wellness program and you have no idea how to do this, if you need this, if anyone will care, or if it’ll be a waste of funds. We get it. After our first meeting, you’ll understand exactly how Fitspot saves companies money, how the program works, why people really do show up and how we can customize a plan that’s perfect for your team.

Been Around the Block?

Maybe you’ve tried to implement a wellness program before, and you only had a handful of participants and no way to measure success. That’s OK, because that’s not what Fitspot is and that’s not how we roll.

The hardest part of implementing an employee well-being program is getting people to show up. When you become a Fitspot Partner, we become your external wellness coordinator, rocking the communication it takes to get employees involved.

The most important things you need to know are that Fitspot is different, Active Wellness works for everyone and we do all the work (except the workouts, you do those).

You won’t worry about:

  • Organizing

  • Staffing events

  • Promoting the program

  • Buying equipment

  • Finding the right space

  • Insurance

  • Implementing in multiple locations at the same time

  • Tracking metrics and progress

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A Greater Return On Investment

Reduced Health Costs

Companies with wellness programs save an average of $1600 per employee, every single year, according to a 2013 survey.

Less Stress

Relieve stress with fitness-induced endorphins, meditation, massage and workshops for learning healthy habits.

Increased Productivity

It’s simple: fitness, education and stress relief sessions create happy, healthy people who can focus more and don’t need sick days.

Culture Boost

When you begin offering health screenings, cooking classes, DNA health discovery workshops and on-site massages, word gets around fast.

Wellness Dollars Save $

Build a plan for your budget, then save even more by utilizing your healthcare wellness dollars. We’ll show you how.

Cross-Department Team-Building

Coworkers get closer and become a united front when they have fun together sharing new challenges and personal triumphs.

Build Loyalty

It’s hard to leave a company that’s invested in you as a person by trying to make every aspect of your life even better.

Real, Trackable Results

Health assessments and wearable devices show you real-time results and track key health metrics, right in the Fitspot Portal.

Target At-Risk Employees

Specialty Fitspot Programs, identify and help at-risk employees with workshops, coaching and fitness for disease prevention.

Creating Your Active Wellness Plan

Your company’s path to active wellness should be as unique as you are. So we won’t put you in a box or rush you into anything. A big part of implementing an Active Wellness plan is discovering what works best for your team. Your dedicated FitSuccess Manager will walk you through the entire implementation process, on a call or on site, during your first partner meeting.

Here's What To Expect

  • We’ll check out and measure your spaces

  • Talk about equipment storage and delivery

  • Create a plan to communicate with us

  • Create a plan for us to communicate with your employees

  • Help you to utilize Wellness Dollars for your program

  • Setup your Fitspot portal and teach you to use it

  • Customize your portal to track your company’s metrics (or any data), from participation to health stats and weight loss.


Next, your team surveys help us to discover what health screenings, fitness sessions and workshops they want and need. We’ll use that data to customize your first month’s plan, handpick your workshops experts and trainers, then schedule everything. We can even replicate your program at multiple office locations, so that you’re offering the exact same sessions, on the exact same dates and times.

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Your First Month

When you sign up for your program, we want you to know that Active Wellness works for you. So we survey your team after the first four weeks of programming to make sure they’re getting exactly what they need to accomplish their personal goals.

Your Ongoing Program

We’ll continue to customize your active wellness plan to feature topics and fitness classes based on ongoing feedback sessions with your team.

You’ll be a Fitspot Portal pro by now, tracking: participation, data from your staff’s wearable devices, weight loss, decreasing BMIs and more. (Feature to calculate your company’s reduced healthcare costs is in development!)

Use this data to show how you’ve accomplished company-wide health, financial and productivity goals. Meanwhile, your team will be celebrating goals of their own, like lowered blood pressure, less stress and even fitting into their “skinny jeans”.

Then everyone lives (healthier and) happily ever after.

What Are You Waiting For?

So make some room on your shelves for your “Employee of the Century”
award and tell us more about your team today.

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